Everyone is familiar with xylophones. Have you ever heard of lithophones? Similar to xylophones, these musical instruments are made of rocks or rock pieces that produce sounds and musical tones when struck. The term lithophone comes from the Greek work litho, which means stone, and phone is sound. It is one of the ancient instruments in the world used in different countries. Even some of these occur naturally and are made of stalactites.

It was surprising to know that the instrument can be made not only with exotic materials. It can also be created using floor tiles, such as pre-cut granite tiles to create uniformity. The process is the same as how you lay down the tiles on your floor at home. Be ready with toolbox glockenspiel, which is made from wrenches and bolts so you can finely tune the sound.

You can buy everything you need at a hardware store. If you have excess granite tiles after your tiling project, you can save some of your budget. Avoid using marble because pieces are found to flake off instead of becoming smooth when grinded down.

If you are not afraid of power tools, find a tile saw from the store so you can evenly cut those pieces just like using a grinder. Make sure that you are prepared for the tedious tasks of fine-tuning the granite bars. Carefully strike each piece and measure the frequency of vibration using available apps to help you determine the piece.

Keep an ear to those sharps and flats with every strike. Bigger tiles are thicker so there is lesser vibration. With a good ear and a creative mindset, you can make your own musical instrument out of those pieces that you already considered as trash. Remember that people used to make and fix their own stuff using their hands. You too can produce your own and you would surely enjoy the end result.